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Off Road/Heavy Duty Industrial

Designed to withstand the demands of off-road terrain. Bolted together units are built with extra heavy material added to all vulnerable points. Corner reinforcements and solder build up are standard. For dirty environments we offer an easy to clean clog resistant design.

Extremely dirty environments - Clog resistant, in-line style is design to resist blockage and allows for easy cleaning. With this design, we are able to give you the strength of a continuous fin design that provides the cooling capacity needed in extreme airborne debris environments. A favorite for forklift operators, loggers and anyone who needs to be cool & clean.

Over The Road Trucks, Trailer Trucks, Buses, Step Vans, etc.

Professional drivers all over the United States put their trust in Maine Radiator cores. Our reinforced designed adds extra protection to all vulnerable areas.

Stationary Units

Our stationary units are the toughest around. That's why hospitals, power plants, weather stations etc. put their trust in Maine Radiator Mfg., they know our quality is second to none.

GOT PLASTIC!! More and more OE's are putting plastic tank radiators into industrial applications. Although this design is sufficient for passenger vehicles, it is inadequate for applications that require more strength, heat transfer efficiency, and flexibility.

We at Maine Radiator were the first to offer all metal copper & brass conversion kits to replace plastic tank radiators. Our fins and tubes are much heavier than the OE's and we pack more fins than other manufacturers. If you have a plastic tank radiator and would like to convert to a real metal unit ask your radiator technician about Maine Radiator Mfg.