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Custom Fabricated Radiators & Tanks

Applications include but not limited to Racing, Street Rod, Antiques, Military application, computers

Maine Auto Radiator manufacturers radiators for any application. Our high quality, handcrafted units are made in the USA. We design radiators unique to your specifications and performance requirements. Our copper cores will give you optimum cooling in any shape or size. We’ve built custom radiators for Racecars, Street Rods, Antiques, Military units, Amphibious vehicles, Industrial computers, Over-the-road performance trucks, Blimps, the list goes on and on. E-mail with your needs to be cool!

GOT PLASTIC!! More and more OE's are putting plastic tank radiators into industrial applications. Although this design is sufficient for passenger vehicles, it is inadequate for applications that require more strength, heat transfer efficiency, and flexibility.

We at Maine Radiator were the 1st to offer all metal copper & brass conversion kits replace plastic tank radiators. Our fins and tubes are much heavier than the OE's and we pack more fins than other manufactures. If you have a plastic tank radiator and would like to convert to a real metal unit ask your radiator technician about Maine Radiator Mfg.