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Since the late '40's Maine Auto Radiator has supplied the radiator industry with a variety of core styles to fit vintage as well as modern day applications.

We offer cartridge honeycomb (6 styles), film type (11 styles) and tubular fin style cores in all shapes.

1908 Buick

Bean Sprayer


Complete radiator restoration service is also available!!

Whether your vintage radiator is destined for museums, parades or Sunday afternoon crusin' we will keep you cool in style.

Antique Core Types

(see enlarged photo)

Cellular Round Heaters

(see enlarged photo)

Tubular Round Heaters

(see enlarged photo)

1942-48 Chrysler


1960 Cooper

1939 Bugatti

1939 Bugatti

1927 Paige

1923 Cadillac

1914 Buick